How to fix crashing apps on android

We all install a lot of apps from the Play store and from many other sources as well. The apps work well for the initial time and after some time some of the apps do not perform as the expectation, they start to freeze and crash multiple times. These crashes can be due to many reasons like bugs, the app is not up-to-date, and many others. 

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Why do Android apps crash...?

There can be many reasons for the crash of an android app. Some of the main reasons are:

1) App is not updated:

If your app is not updated then the chances are very high that the is crashing due to this issue.

2) Out of storage: 

Another reason for the crash can be that your android device is out is storage or is not having sufficient storage to perform tasks.

3) A bug in an app:

The bug means an error or fault in the app. This can be the reason for the crashing of an app. You should contact the developer in this case.

How to fix apps from crashing:

1) Restart your android device:

If you are facing the problem of crashing apps them restarting your android device can be one of the simplest and easiest ways that you can execute to get some results. Restarting your device will give fresh bootup to the device and will free the device from temporary cache data. This will also remove all background processes that were using the resources of the device. (How to fix apps from crashing)

2) Clear cache and app data:

How to fix crashing apps on android

You can delete the unnecessary data of the app that increases the load and become the reason for the crashing of an app. 

1) Go to Settings of your device.
2) Click on App Manager.
3) Choos the app that crashes.
4) Then click on Clear data and Clear cache.

3) Force stop the app:

How to fix crashing apps on android

Force stopping the app can give good results when it comes to the crashing of apps. You can force stop the app by just a few clicks. Force stop forcefully stops the app and this can make a great effect if you were facing the problem of crashing apps. (How to fix crashing apps on android tablet)

1) Go to Settings of your device.
2) Click on App Manager.
3) Open the app info.
4) Click on Force Stop.

4) Free up some space:

The crashing of the apps can be due to the lack of space on the device. If your device is short of space then this will be a problem for the apps. Apps can't perform as per the expectations if they are not getting enough space. So you are advised to free up some space by deleting the unnecessary thing from the device or you can add external storage devices like an SD card. (How to fix apps that crash)

5) Check for Updates:

Companies release many updates for their apps from time to time to fix the bugs and loophole of their apps and to provide the best experience to the users. The crashing of the apps can be due to the reason that you have not installed the latest version of the app. So regularly check for updates on the Google Play Store. Updating your apps will not only solve the problem of crashing but will also provide you with the best experience of the app. (How to fix apps crashing)

6) Re-Installing the app:

You can also try to re-install the android app as earlier there might be a problem with the installation of the app. Re-Installing the app will completely wipe the data and cache of the app.

This will surely give you positive results and solve your problem with the app's crashing.

7) Wipe the System data:

You can also try wiping your system data in the recovery mode. This will wipe the data of your device and can be helpful with the problem of crashing apps. (Fix crashing apps android)

1) Turn off your android device.
2) Boot into recovery mode.
3) Click on Wipe Data.

8) Factory Reset:

If nothing works and you are not satisfied with the above solutions then you can go for factory reset. This will reset your whole device. Make sure to have a backup of your data.

Caution: Once you factory reset your device your whole data will be deleted and this action cannot be undone. So make sure you have a backup of your data.

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