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Advantages of Internet in Lockdown

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With every passing day, internet users are increasing and daily lots of new users are connecting to the internet. Internet is full of knowledge and many big companies are working hard to provide internet even to remote areas.

One of those initiatives is led by Elon Musk named Starlink who is trying to provide high-speed satellite internet even to remote areas at a cheaper price.

Advantages of the Internet during Lockdown:

Covid-19 is the biggest pandemic that this current generation has seen. Covid-19 forced the world to be trapped inside their houses. The whole world enforced strict lockdown to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

With complete lockdown in effect many organizations, companies, schools, and colleges accepted a new mode of working and that is the online working or work from the home method.

Below given are the Advantages of the Internet in Lockdown:

A push for Online Learning

A rapid increase in Online Learning has been noticed since lockdown came into effect. More and more schools are adopting the Online mode of learning as all the schools and colleges are closed but the education must continue.
There are a lot of benefits to Online learning and some of them are given below:


In the traditional education system, you have to go to school or college to learn but Online Learning gives you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home.
With online learning you don’t have to worry about attendance, getting late to school, or sitting hours and hours in the classroom. You also don’t have to pay for any transportation to reach school and also you don’t have to get up early and dress up for school.
Comfort is the biggest advantage you have in Online learning but you shouldn’t get too comfortable. If you will get too comfortable then this can turn things upside down for you.

Learn whatever you want, how much you want

With Online learning, you don’t have boundaries about what you want to learn and how much you want to learn. Internet is full of knowledge and you can learn something new every time you decide to learn.

Learn on your own schedule

This is one of the best features that Online Learning offers.
In the traditional education system, there is a strict schedule and everyone must follow that. You have to forget your hobbies and other works.
But with Online Learning you are not bound to a single schedule, you can learn according to your own schedule.
Whether you want to learn in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night, you can do so. You also have the ability to reschedule the dates of whatever course you are pursuing.

You get Certificates

After completion of each course, you get a recognized certificate that you can use in whatever manner you want.
You can use your earned certificate on your resume. This will surely give weightage to your resume and will help you to look different from the crowd and will help you get a job.
Many of the Online courses are sponsored by big universities and they will look fabulous on your resume.

Many small businesses went online

Small businesses are one of the most affected during the lockdown. Everything was closed and they not able to run their business. In fact, sometimes they had to remove employees from the job as they were not able to pay their salaries.
Taking this into consideration many of them went online. There is a huge market online and small businesses are taking full advantage of the internet and the huge online market to increase their revenue.
Businesses have grown exponentially after they went online.

A boost for Online transactions

A rapid jump has been noticed in Online transactions worldwide during the lockdown. Many and many people preferred the online mode of the transaction instead of the traditional cash method.
In India, UPI transactions have been on a record high after the lockdown came into effect.


Covid-19 and the lockdown have changed the world order. The education system is coming online, payments are getting online and businesses are getting online.
This was all possible due to the internet reach and its capabilities.
And we can say that the Internet was our best friend during the hard situation on the Covid-19 and the lockdown.
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