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9+ Best Launcher for Android {Latest}

Best Launcher for Android

Well, the majority of the smartphone market is dominated by Android smartphones. Android is one of the best-operating systems when it comes to features and customizations. But today or later we get bored with the user interface of our smartphones like the old styled icons, animations, and the overall look of smartphones. 

You can get rid of the boring UI of your smartphone by using an Android Launcher.

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So What is an Android Launcher…?

Android Launchers are nothing but android apps that let you customize and even add additional functionalities to your smartphone. Android launchers can be used to change the icon style, app opening animations, transition effects, the notification panel, status bar, and many more. The functionality and features depend upon the type of Android Launcher you are using. 
In this article, we will be discussing the different types and the Best Android Launchers. You can check them out and decide which launcher suits you the best.

The Best Launchers For Android:

1) Nova Launcher – Best Android Launchers

Noval Launcher is one of the best android launcher available in the market. It is powerful and also very much customizable and offers tons of features and options to enhance the look and feel of your smartphone. Even after coming with a large variety of features and customization, Nova Launcher is a fast and responsive launcher. There are a lot of options offered by Nova Launcher like changing icon packs, colors, themes, icon size, dock, and many more. (Best android launcher free)

Key Features of Nova Launcher:

1) Custom Icon Themes: Nova launcher supports thousands of icon packs that you can enjoy.
2) Nova launcher comes with an inbuilt dark theme and night mode.
3) You can customize the app drawer as the way you want.
4) Unmatched speed: Nova launcher provides you a fast and amazing experience.

2) ADW Launcher 2:

best launcher for android
ADW Launcher 2 comes with tons of features and customization options. It provides a little stock like experience and when we say stock like then it means it is fast too. You can change the layout of your dock, can change icons, app drawer, and more endless features. Some of the best features are given below.

Key Features of ADW Launcher 2:

1) New icons and effects are added.
2) Comes with new Dynamic UI Coloring.
3)  Added efficient ways to manage gestures.
4) Added new and more easy ways to edit your home screen.

3) Apex Launcher – Best Launcher For Android

best launcher for android
Apex launcher is one of the best efficient and lightweight android launcher that provides excellent performance and a variety of features. Apex launcher has an inbuilt app lock feature that you can use to secure your personal data. Customize your app lock as the way you want like pattern or pin and also set the time of the app lock. It is easy to use efficient launcher packed with a large variety of features. It offers many customizations like changing icons, dock layout, app drawer, animations, and many more. (Best app launcher for android)

Key Features of Apex Launcher:

1) Apex launcher is very easy to use and is battery friendly.
2) Comes with tons of fancy transition effects.
3) Choose from different folder preview styles and backgrounds.
4) Comes with app hiding feature.
5) Backup and restore option.

4) Go Launcher – Best Launchers in Android

best launcher for android
Go Launcher is for those who love to customize their smartphone a lot. It comes with many different features and editing options to make your home screen cool and give it a refreshing look. Go launcher comes with simple, smooth, and awesome effects. More than 100000 wallpapers are ready for you there to customize your home screen.

Key Features of Go Launcher:

1) Comes with 20+ screen and drawer animation effects.
2) 10000+ free mobile themes.
3) A lot of widgets like weather and calendar widgets.

5) Evie Launcher – Best Launcher For Android Free

best launcher for android
Evie launcher is an excellent android launcher developed with keeping performance in mind. Comes with a lot of features and customization options. You can import and customize layout, wallpapers, icon size, and many more things. Also has a Universal search option that allows user to search inside of all your apps.

Key Features of Evie Launcher:

1) Universal Search.
2) Lock home screen icons.
3) Can customize the app drawer and folder grid.

6) Microsoft Launcher:

Best launcher for android
Microsoft launcher is a launcher that provides you the unique and interesting experience of your home screen on your android device. This comes with a lot of customization features like customizable app icons, a lot of wallpapers, animations, and many more. It provides a better experience with faster load time, less battery usage, and smooth animations.

Key Features of Microsoft Launcher:

1) Comes with an inbuilt Dark Theme.
2) A lot of wallpapers to choose from.
3) Customizable icons.

7) Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Best launcher for android
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition is based on pixel devices. This launcher comes with the pixel features and also some extra customization options. This launcher provides you look and feel of the pixel devices. This is a lightweight, fast, and responsive launcher.

Key Features of Action Launcher:

1) Comes with all the pixel launcher features.
2) Adaptive icon support.
3) Multiple widget support.
4) Has the support of importing layout settings from other launchers.

8) Lawnchair 2:

Best launcher for android
Lawnchair is a powerful and most customizable launcher that comes with a variety of features and customization options. It provides a clean and smooth experience.

Key Features of Lawnchair:

1) Comes with automatic dark mode.
2) Adaptive icon support.
3) Integration with Google Feed

9) Pixel Launcher:

Best launcher for android
Pixel launcher is a home screen launcher that is designed to provide users with the experience of the pixel device. This launcher comes with the feature and looks of the stock android that is present on the pixel devices. It is fast, smooth, and very responsive.

Key Features of Pixel Launcher:

1) Quick access to a google search on the home screen.
2) App suggestions on the drawer.
3) Hold the icon for more features.

10) Lunar Launcher:

Best launcher for android
The Lunar launcher is a very lightweight launcher that is designed with customizations in mind. It provides you with the best features and smooth experience.

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