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Canon Printer Wireless Setup – 2 methods

There are a lot of companies in the market that offers different types of printers at different prices and specifications. Canon is one of the companies that offer high-quality printers.

In this article, we will discuss Canon printer wireless setup and how to connect canon printer to wifi.

The Setup of Canon wireless printer:

The setup of a canon wireless printer is very easy and can be done with very few steps and instructions. Canon wireless printer offers many convenient features to its users. Users can print anything wirelessly and don’t even need to physically connect their device to the printer.
Wireless printers are very helpful and anything can be printed with just a few clicks.

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Steps of Canon Printer Setup (Wirelessly):

Setup of Canon Printer Wireless on Computer, laptop, Mac, iPhone, and Android phone can be easily done. Just follow the steps.
1) First of all download the “Canon Print App”.
2) Now press your printer wireless to connect button.
3) After that the information like wifi password and name will be automatically moved to speed up the process.

How to connect Canon printer to Wifi:-

There are two different methods of wifi setup on canon printers.
These methods are:
1) WPS Setup Connection Method.
2) Standard Connection Method.

1) WPS Setup Connection Method:-

WPS Setup Connection Method is commonly used for Windows and Mac platforms. The wireless router has a button for WPS. Check all the wireless connection settings on the computer and then enable the WEP security.
Below given are the detailed steps of How to connect Canon printer to Wifi:-
  1. First of all, you need to turn on the Canon printer and then place the router nearby so that the WPS button is in range.
  2. Now press and hold the Wifi button on the printer till the light is on.
  3. Then wait for some time (2 min approx) and press the WPS button on the router.
  4. There will be a blue wifi light till the search of the network is in progress. Once it’s connected to a network, power and wifi lights will be still.
  5. To verify the connectivity you can try to print a page from the Canon wireless printer.
If the printer prints the pages then congrats, your Canon wireless printer has been successfully connected and the setup is complete.

2) Standard Connection Method:-

Standard Connection Method is for those scenarios when the router does not support a WPS feature.
Below given are the detailed steps and guidelines on How to connect Canon printer to wifi using the Standard Connection Method.

Network Settings:

  1. First of all, connect the computer to the printer for the network settings.
  2. Then you have to load the input tray with the printing papers.
  3. Now press and hold the resume/cancel button for few seconds.
  4. Check the connection status in the printout of the information page.
  5. Check for network name too.

Initial Preparations:

  1. You have to make sure that the printer is turned on and is properly connected for the setup.
  2. 2) You may require an Ethernet cable for the wired connection.
  3. 3) In the case of a router connect the computer and printer to the router.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How to connect Canon Printer to Computer | How to connect Canon Printer to laptop | Canon Printer Setup for Windows

  1. First of all click on start and then open settings.
  2. Then click on Devices in the Setting window.
  3. Now select the Printer and Sanner.
  4. Then add the printer and scanner. The printer will be added to the list.
  5. Now connect it to the same network as of printer.
Once all the above steps and guidelines are completed you will be able to print your pages using a Windows computer from a Canon printer.
That’s all, enjoy printing.

2) How to connect Canon Printer to Mac OS | Canon Printer Setup for Mac OS

  1. First of all, you have to choose System Preferences and Select Printers and Scanners.
  2. Click on the “+” symbol to add the printer.
  3. Now in the available list, select the printer and then add it.
  4. If you have a router, connect the Mac device and printer to the same network.
  5. Now to be sure that the connection is successful, just try to take a printout from the Canon printer.
That’s it. By completing the above steps you will be able to set up a Canon printer for Mac OS.

3) Connecting Canon Printer to WiFi Router without using WPS Button | How to connect Canon Printer to WiFi Router without using WPS Button

  1. First of all, you need to install Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utilities and after that run the application.
  2. Now turn on and connect the printer using a USB cable.
  3. After that select the connection option USB and complete the process of connection.
  4. Now change the connection option to IPv4.
  5. After that enter the password which will be the serial number of the printer.
  6. Now select the wifi network and enter the wifi network password and complete the connection process.
  7. Now with all the above steps, the setup is complete.
  8. Now you can remove the USB cable and add the printer through the add a device option in Control Panel.
  9. Enjoy printing.


In this article, we have tried our best to tell you about Canon Printer Wireless Setup and How to Connect Canon printer to Wifi.
If you like this article please do share this and if you have any suggestions or questions then please do let us know in the comment section down below.

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