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11+ Google AdSense Approval Trick 2021


If you have a blog or website then you probably be looking for a Google AdSense approval trick. Most of us create websites and blogs mainly to earn money and most of the time their AdSense application gets rejected due to some reasons.

Getting AdSense approval is not a rocket but still many people find it a difficult and tedious task to get approved for AdSense. They simply do little and minor mistakes that become the reason for the rejection of the AdSense application.

There are some Google AdSense guidelines/points that you need to meet/satisfy in order to get approved for Google AdSense Program.
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First, you need to understand Google is a big and reputed company and it will not allow some specific content or behaviors on your website and you have to remove that content or material if you want to be get approved for Google AdSense Program. 

    Google AdSense Approval Tricks:

    Follow the below give Google AdSense Approval Trick to increase your chances to get approved for AdSense Program.

    1) Go for a Top-level/Custom Domain:

    The first and foremost thing you should do when you are starting a blog on blogger is investing in a Top-level domain. Having a top-level domain will definitely give you benefits. Having a top-level domain increases the chances of getting approved for the AdSense program. It’s not like you can not get approved for AdSense using a subdomain, yes you can get approved for AdSense using a subdomain but it will take a lot of time like from 5-7 months, and can even more than that. 
    So if you want AdSense approval in less time then always go for a top-level domain.
    Top-level domains like – .com, .net, .in, .org, .edu and many more.
    Don’t go for domains like .xyz, .ooo, .jjh. These domains seem free and the user does not feel like clicking on these websites as they don’t seem to be trustworthy and this will definitely increase your bounce rate of the website and decrease your ranking.
    So if you are on a blogger then always go for a custom domain if you are really serious about your blog and want to earn some real money.
    If you are using WordPress and custom hosting then you don’t have to worry as you can only use the top-level domain on WordPress and it doesn’t allow subdomains.

    2) Have a responsive and lightweight theme or template:

    Doesn’t matter if you are using a blogger or WordPress you definitely need an attractive, responsive, and lightweight theme or template for your blog or website. Having an attractive and responsive template or theme will engage the users on your site and will reduce the bounce rate and will help in rankings. Your template or theme should also be a responsive one.

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    By saying a Responsive template or theme what I mean is that the theme or template should be fully adaptive to any kind of device whether it’s a laptop, pc, mobile, or tablet. All the navigation menus and main menus should be very well placed in their places. This step is very important for AdSense approval.
    The theme or template should also be lightweight as if it will be lightweight then it will have a fast loading speed and will help you in rankings.

    3) Then comes the Content:

    Just understand this: Content is the King.

    You should always focus more on quality content. Always try to publish your own content and never just copy and paste the content. Just copying and pasting the content will not help you. If you can’t write your own content then forget about blogging because blogging is all about sharing your original content. If you are just blogging to earn money and you don’t want to write then you not gonna succeed.
    Try to publish articles with your own content of more than 500 words. (Tip)
    If you even have articles of more than 1000 words but you just have copied the content from another website and published it then this will not help you. Your application for AdSense will be rejected.
    So never copy the content from any website and always publish posts with your 100% original quality content.

    4) Create the basic and required pages:

    There are certain pages that you have to create on your blog or website. Having created these pages will give your website a professional and complete look and will increase the user’s trust in your website. 

    These pages are:

    1. Privacy Policy.
    2. Terms and Conditions.
    3. About Us.
    4. Contact Us.
    5. Sitemap.
    6. Disclaimer.
    If you are looking for Google AdSense Approval then these pages are compulsory. Your blog or website will not be approved if you haven’t created these pages. There are many page generator tools that you can use to create any of these pages with few clicks.
    So always create the above-given pages if you are really serious about Google AdSense Approval.
    After creating these pages, add them to your main menus or footers so that they are easily accessible to the user and so as to fastrack the Google AdSense Approval.

    5) Avoid illegal content:

    You should never post articles containing illegal content on your website. If you are posting illegal content then your site will not be approved for Google AdSense. (Google AdSense Approval Tricks)
    Never post illegal content like Pornography, Child abusing, hacking, violence, hate speeches, and anything like that. Google doesn’t allow anything of that type.
    So just post your original and legal content.

    6) Minimum number of posts for the new website:

    There is not a particular minimum number for posts that you should have on your website. But to be on the safe side and to show that you are really serious about blogging you should have at least 15-20 posts before applying for Google AdSense Approval.
    Remember more the content on the site more the chances of getting approved for Google AdSense.

    7) Don’t use any copyrighted material:

    You should never use any type of copyrighted material on your blog whether it’s a picture, video, logo, or anything else. You can get a copyright strike. You can’t use copyrighted material as you don’t have ownership of that material. 
    (Google AdSense Approval Tips)
    In some copyrighted material you can use them by giving credits to the owner of that material but you can’t do that with every copyrighted content.
    So you should always ignore using copyrighted materials.

    8) Write Content in a supported language only:

    Google AdSense does not support every language. So before writing your content check whether your content language is supported or not.
    Don’t write content in the language that is not supported if your main goal is to get approved for Google AdSense.
    So always write the content in a supported language only.

    9) Don’t use other Affiliate or Ad network:

    If you have an affiliate or other ad network active on your site then it will be very difficult to get approved for Google AdSense. It may be possible that you never get approved for AdSense if you have other ad and affiliate networks active on your site.

    10) A starting traffic is a deal-breaker:

    You can get approved for Google AdSense even at 0 traffic.
    But it will be a deal-breaker and chances will be very high if you at least have some traffic on your website. Starting traffic doesn’t need to be organic, it can be from any social media, quora, and any other source.
    If you have a starting traffic then you will be approved for Google AdSense 99% time. 1% can be rejected due to human error. Just reapply again.

    11) Keep publishing posts during approval pending time:

    This is the mistake that most of us do and this becomes the reason for the rejection of the AdSense application. Most of us write 15-20 posts and then apply for AdSense and they don’t write articles in between the approval time. This sends negative feedback to Google and reduces your chances of getting approved for Google AdSense. 
    (Google AdSense Approval Tips)
    So don’t stop posting content on your website during the approval pending time. When you keep on publishing posts during the pending time that gives a positive impression of you to Google and increases your chances of getting approved for Google AdSense.

    12) Don’t edit or change your theme after applying:

    Don’t try to edit or change your theme or template after applying for Google AdSense. 
    Changing your theme or template can lead to the loss of valuable data on your website and can have a negative impact on the application of your Google AdSense.
    So never edit or change your template or theme after applying for Google AdSense.


    To get Google AdSense Approval there are few requirements that you need to meet before applying. If your blog or website fulfills these requirements then you are free to apply for Google Adsense and 99% of the time you will be approved for Google AdSense.

    Google AdSense Requirements are:

    1) Prefer a top-level domain.
    2) Have a responsive theme.
    3) Have good quality and unique content.
    4) Create essential, required pages.
    5) Avoid illegal content.
    6) Have at least 15-20 posts.
    7) Don’t use copyrighted material.
    8) Write in a supported language.
    9) Don’t use other Ad networks.
    10) Keep publishing posts during approval pending time.
    11) Having a little traffic is a deal-breaker.
    12) Don’t change the theme after applying.
    If you satisfy all the steps and you are sure that you meet all the guidelines and still not approved for Google AdSense then just re-apply again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Is it hard to get AdSense approval?

    No, Google AdSense approval is not hard at all. Although there are certain requirements that your blog/website must meet to get AdSense approval.
    The necessary requirements are mentioned in the article above in detail. Just follow all the guidelines and do not violate any policy. If you satisfy all the requirements then you will get AdSense approval for sure.

    2) How can I get AdSense approval in 2021?

    1. Make sure you follow all the guidelines and fulfill all the requirements of Google AdSense. View the requirements in the above article.
    2. Make sure you don’t have any illegal content.
    3. Wait for the site to be at least 1-3 months older and post at least 20-30 high-quality unique articles.

    3) How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

    Well, you don’t get paid for page views. You get paid for clicks on the ads. That means even if you have 1000 page views and 0 ads click then you will earn nothing.
    But, clicks are directly proportional to the page views. So for a 1000 page view, you can earn from 0 to 6 USD approx depending upon your location.

    4) How do I know if my website is ready for AdSense?

    To check whether your site is ready for AdSense or not follow the steps:
    1. First of all, sign in to your AdSense account.
    2. Click on Sites.
    3. Click on Matched content. If you don’t see Matched content under “Sites” then you’re not currently eligible to use Matched content.
    4. On the “Matched content” page, check to see if your site is listed:
    • If your site is listed, then you may place Matched content units on your site.
    • If your site isn’t listed, then you are not eligible.

    5) Why my AdSense request is disapproved?

    There can be multiple reasons for the disapproval of the AdSense like:
    1. Your site may have duplicate or illegal content.
    2. Your site doesn’t have all the necessary pages.
    3. Your site may not be user-friendly.
    4. Your site doesn’t have enough articles.
    There can be any reason for the disapproval. So, fulfill all the requirements and follow all the guidelines to get approved for AdSense.

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