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How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

 One of the biggest features that Android 10 comes with is Dark Mode.

The dark mode is nothing but a Dark theme for your android that changes the whole look of your android system from bright colors to dark colors. Almost every Google apps like Chrome, G-mail, Youtube, and etc supports Dark mode. Some third-party apps also support Dark mode like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Some people prefer to use dark mode only at night and some users use dark mode all the time.

Why use dark mode..?

1) Dark mode makes it easier to use a smartphone at night.

2) It protects our eyes from blue light.

3) Dark mode consumes less battery as compared to normal mode.

4) Dark mode just looks super amazing.

Till now some of the smartphones support dark mode inbuilt but the numbers are increasing day by day. Most high end or flagship smartphones support dark mode but cheaper smartphones still do not support dark mode, they may get the update in the future.

If you have android 10 in a smartphone then you can use dark mode very easily.

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How to enable dark mode on Android 10: 

Method 1:

Through System settings

1) Hit on the setting app of your smartphone.

2) Go to Display & Brightness

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

3) Then enable Dark mode there.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

Method 2:

Through notification bar / quick settings:

1) Just open quick settings by swiping down the notification panel.

2) Choose Dark mode from there and click on it.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android
How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

If  Dark mode is not present in the notification panel then you first need to add it to the notification panel. Below steps are given how to add dark mode to the notification panel:

1) Swipe down from top to open notification panel.

2) Click on the edit button(looks like pencil or something same)

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

3) Then drag the dark mode icon from down to upward.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android

4) It’s done. You can use dark mode now.

If your smartphone does not support dark mode by default then you can download third-party apps from play store to use dark mode. There are many apps available on the play store that you can use to enjoy dark mode.

Some of the popular third-party apps for dark mode are:

1) Dark Mode – Download

2) Dark Mode for Apps & Phone – Download

3) Dark Mode – Download

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