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How To Speed Up Your Android Phone in 5 mins

Today most of the people are using Android Phone because of their features, customization options, price, and easy to use interface. We live in a world where we can’t imagine our world without smartphones. A large portion of the market is dominated by Android phones. We always want a smartphone that fast and responsive. In the initial time, our phone works perfectly fine but after some time it becomes laggy and slow.

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So today in this article we will be discussing how to speed up android device.

How to speed up Android Phone:

1) Restart your Android Phone:

If your android phone has become laggy and slow then restarting your phone is the most basic and simple thing you can do to get some boost in performance. Restarting your phone will kill all the background and foreground activities and will give a fresh start to your device.

2) Stay Updated:

Google pushes regular android updates to fix the problems and loopholes in the android system. Although Google will not directly provide you the update. You will receive the update form your smartphone manufacturer. Having the latest version on android and the latest security patches will boost the performance of your android device.
You can check for the update for your device by going to Settings>About Phone>Software Update.

3) Removing bloatware/unnecessary apps:

Many manufacturers ship their smartphone with a lot of bloatware in it. This bloatware leads to a heavy load on your smartphone and affects its performance. Bloatware present on the phone keeps on using the phone’s valuable resource like storage, ram, processor, battery, and makes it slow.
So always remove the bloatware and unnecessary apps from your phone so that other more significant applications can use the resources which will be freed after the removal of unwanted apps. This will surely boost your phone’s performance.

4) Turning off the animations:

Our smartphone contains a lot of animations and transitions which can slow down the performance of your android phone. Animations and transitions require an adequate portion of your GPU and Processor which can lead to the poor performance of your device. There are a lot of animations like icon animations, page switching icons, on-click animations, and many more. (How to speed up android phone without rooting)
You can turn them off in the Developer Options in the advanced settings of your device. This will free up the resources of your device and helps in the smooth experience of your device.

5) Turn off auto-sync:

Most of the apps use the auto-sync feature and syncs your data automatically in the background. The apps that use auto-sync keeps on running in the background and uses your phone’s resource even when not in use. You can check in the auto-sync settings which app is using the auto-sync and turn off the auto-sync feature.
By turning off auto-sync load will be decreased from the phone and will help in the smoother experience of the smartphone.

6) Clearing cached data:

By clearing the cached data of the applications you are clearing the junk files that you don’t need. You can clear cached data by opening the app’s setting or you can use any other third-party app. This will surely boost the speed of your device.

7) Enable data saver mode:

While you enable data saver mode on your smartphone then the pages on your browser open in a lite version so as to reduce the usage of data. This also reduces the stress on the processor and CPU and boosts the speed of the device.

8) Clearing Background apps:

Most of us like to do multitasking and use many apps in the same go and after some time we forget to remove them from the background. While they keep on running in the background they use the large portion of the phone’s resources and other apps don’t get the adequate amount of resources resulting in the poor and laggy performance of the device. (How to speed up your android device)
So to ensure good performance of the system always remove the apps from the background when not in use. This will surely have a great impact on performance.

9) Try a custom ROM:

If you are a tech enthusiast and loves to do experiments with your phone and have a little knowledge of rooting and flashing custom ROMs then you can use this option. It will change the whole software of your smartphone and will provide you a unique and fresh experience of your smartphone. This will surely enhance the performance and give you a new and better feel of your smartphone.
I don’t recommend this option for those who don’t know anything about rooting and flashing ROMs. This may lead to soft brick or hard brick of your smartphone.

10) Factory Reset:

If nothing works and you are not satisfied with the above solutions then you can go for factory reset. This will rest and delete everything from your phone so make sure to have a backup of the data that you don’t want to lose.
Caution: Once you clicked on Factory Reset and the system started to rest you can’t undo the action.

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    An informative and much needed post. Thanks for sharing this with us. I truly liked and appreciate all the various ways you explained to speed up an android phone.

    In this android era most of us are using android phone but after some times it becomes very slow and leaves us irritated. These are some of the useful ways that will help us to come out of this. Thanks for sharing all the various ways. Useful and informative post.

    Keep writing more similar informative posts.

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