How to unlock bootloader of Panasonic P65 Android phone


If you ever wondered how to unlock the bootloader of a Panasonic P65 Android phone then congrats you are in right place.

Here in this article, we will be discussing How to unlock bootloader of Panasonic P65 with just a few clicks.

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Before we discuss how to unlock the bootloader, let’s first get to know what is Bootloader.

What is Bootloader…?

A bootloader is a system program that initiates or starts the tasks or processes that are to be performed during the boot time of the operating system on a computer or any device.
The bootloader is responsible for the loading of the operating system on a computer and another device during the boot time.
A bootloader is also known as a bootstrap loader or boot manager.

How to unlock bootloader of Panasonic P65 Android phone:

It’s very easy to unlock bootloader of the Panasonic P65 Android phone. Just follow the below-given steps.
1) First of all you need to download the software, ZYKU Flasher.
2) Now install the program on your computer.
3) Open ZYKUFlasher.
4) Don’t disturb any of the settings of the software.
5) Now go to your mobile’s setting and enable USB debugging on it.
6) Connect your mobile to your PC using a USB cable.
7) Click on Unlock bootloader only on the left side of the screen.

8) Now wait for some time so that flashing can be finished.
9) Then you will get a notification saying “Bootloader Unlocked”.

How to root Panasonic P65 flash:

There are two ways through which you can root your Panasonic P65 Android phone.
They are:
1) Manually rooting.
2) Using one-click root software..

Manually Rooting:

Manually rooting your Panasonic P65 is a little difficult method as compared to a one-click root method. With manually rooting you will have to do multiple tasks.
For instructions on How to root Panasonic P65 manually visit the XDA Developer forum and then search for the Panasonic P65. There you will get detailed instructions on how to root Panasonic P65 manually.

Using one-click Root software:

1) Kingo Root:

You can easily root your Panasonic P65 with kingo root software. Just install the software on your Panasonic P65 and click on One click root. There kingo root will start to root your device.
If luck is with you then there will be no problem during the root process and it will be a success.

If there occurs an error then try installing kingo root on your pc.

2) Kingo root on Pc:

Just download Kingo root for your pc and install it. Now connect your device to your pc using a USB cable and turn on USB debugging. Now run Kingo root on pc and let it root your Panasonic P65.

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